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Implementation Strategies

This report presents the results of task 5.1 about non-technical (policy, regulatory, financial, behavioural, implementation-related, etc.) barriers to the grid integration of RES (electricity and gas). The report gives socio-economic approaches to design innovative institutional and incentive frameworks. It identifies and assesses barriers and the measures to overcome those.

D5.1 Non-Technical Barriers (3.3 MB) PDF

The report of task 5.2 gives an overview of the potentials of RES integration into electricity grids and its impacts on gas networks as well as of the network planning process as well as technical requirements for electricity grid operation. It describes the technical barriers and challenges to RES integration. At the end, the report gives recommendations to facilitate the deployment of RES potentials for involved institutions and stakeholders and defines a time horizon for the implementation.

D5.2 Technical Barriers (904 KB) PDF

The implementation of renewable energies and the requested grid extensions faces different barriers and constraints in Europe. The focus of the report of task 5.3 is to find measures to address a multitude of issues from various areas. Major areas which need to be considered are grid development and planning procedures, authorisation processes, financing issues and the management of the grid infrastructure. The report discusses all steps for a successful implementation strategy for future electricity and gas infrastructure development.

D5.3 Policy Recommendations (6.8 MB) PDF

The objective of the Synthesis Report of the 5th work package is to summarise the results explained in D5.1, 5.2 and D5.3. The report shows different solutions and strategies for integrating high shares of renewable energies (RES) into future infrastructures. Therefore, case studies and the regional and transnational studies were further analysed to identify technical and non-technical barriers to develop solutions. After that, the next task was to elaborate measures and strategies for the implementation of the identified solutions.

D5.4 Summary Implementation Strategies (1.9 MB) PDF


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