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SUSPLAN Regional Results Workshop

SUSPLAN conducted 9 individual regional RES integration scenario studies in different geographical regions across Europe. Each study focuses on the regional characteristics and challenges. 

Characteristics for Northern Europe:

  • High electricity demand
  • Deregulated electricity market
  • Cold climate
  • Large share of renewables
  • High prosperity and environmental consciousness

The SUSPLAN Regional Results Workshop Northern Europe took place:

Tuesday, 26th of May 2010, 09 a.m to 3.30 p.m.

Husebybakken 28 B
0379 Oslo


  Welcome and registration workshop  
9.00 Welcome to Statnett Terje Gjengedal, Statnett
  Part I – Presentation of SUSPLAN  
9.15 Introduction to SUSPLAN results workshop Bjørn Bakken, SINTEF Energi (Coordinator)
9.40 Methodology in SUSPLAN regional studies Hans Auer, EEG, TU Wien (WP2 Leader)
  Part II – Presentation of regional results  
10.10 Methodology in Norwegian regional study Bjørn Bakken, SINTEF Energi (Coordinator)
10.25 Presentation of the new user interface of the EMPS model Nicolai Feilberg, SINTEF Energi
10.45 Coffee break  
11:00 Presentation of assumptions and input data for the Norwegian Region Bjørn Grinden, SINTEF Energi
11.30 Presentation of results for the Norwegian Region Bjørn Grinden and Bjørn Bakken, SINTEF Energi (Coordinator)
12.00 Discussion All
12.30 Lunch  
13.30 Drivers and Barriers for Development of the Central Transmission Grid Arne Dybdal, Statnett
  Part III - Discussion  
14.00 Introduction to discussion Bjørn Bakken, SINTEF Energi (Coordinator)
14.15 Discussion with focus on EU’s questions to the SUSPLAN project All
15.15 Final conclusions Bjørn Bakken, SINTEF Energi (Coordinator)
15.30 End of workshop  


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