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SUSPLAN Regional Results Workshop

SUSPLAN conducted 9 individual regional RES integration scenario studies in different geographical regions across Europe. Each study focuses on the regional characteristics and challenges. 

 Characteristics for South-Western Europe:

  • Large-scale wind generation
  • weak international connections in the electric transmission grid
  • Warm climate (growing cooling demand; summer peak)
  • Deregulated electricity market

The SUSPLAN Regional Results Workshop South-Western Europe took place:

Tuesday 12th of May 2010, 9 a.m to 2 p.m.

Sala de Conferencias (ground floor)
Instituto de Postgrado. Comillas University
Rey Franciso 4
28008 Madrid, Spain


  Welcome and registration workshop  
9.00 Welcome to SUSPLAN project and workshop IIT-COMILLAS (Task Leader 2.6)
  Part I – Presentation of SUSPLAN and overview on results  
9.10 Introduction to SUSPLAN results workshop Ingeborg Grabaak, SINTEF Energy Research (Coordinator SUSPLAN)
9.30 Methology in SUSPLAN regional studies and modelling tools for the South Western Region Hans Auer, EEG, TU Wien (WP2 Leader) and IIT-COMILLAS (Task Leader 2.6)
10.15 Coffee break  
  Part II – Presentation of regional results and discussion  
10.45 Presentation of results for the South-Western Region: Scenario description, Production portfolio (electricity and gas), Infrastructure needs and Policy recommendations IIT-COMILLAS (Task Leader 2.6)
  Generation Portfolio Fernandes, IIT-COMILLAS (Task Leader 2.6)
  RES impact on Energy Infrastructures Frias, IIT-COMILLAS (Task Leader 2.6)
  Part III – Decision maker interaction  
12.30 Panel discussion with experts  
13.30 Stakeholder participation in the process of development of implementation strategies dena (dissemination Leader SUSPLAN)
13.45 Final conclusion Ingeborg Grabaak, SINTEF Energy Research (Coordinator SUSPLAN)
14.00 End of workshop  


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