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SUSPLAN Regional Results Workshop

SUSPLAN conducted 9 individual regional RES integration scenario studies in different geographical regions across Europe. Each study focuses on the regional characteristics and challenges. 

Characteristics for the Western Balkan Countries:

  • Region supposed to be part of the EU in the future
  • Poor energy infrastructure
  • Growing demand
  • Ongoing market liberalization
  • Significant RES potentials
  • No support to renewable energy

The SUSPLAN-Regional Results Workshop Western Balkan Countries took place:

Wednesday, 9th of June 2010, 09:00 a.m. to 15:30 p.m.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
IN Hotel
56, Arsenija Carnojevica Blvd
11070 Belgrade


  Welcome and registration workshop  
09:00 Welcome to SUSPLAN project and workshop Jan Linnerud, Statkraft
  Presentation of SUSPLAN and overview on results  
09:10 Introduction to SUSPLAN. What is the project about? Michael M. Belsnes, SINTEF (Coordinator SUSPLAN)
09:30 Methodology applied in the SUSPLAN regional studies, i.e. modelling with GreenNet and eTransport Hans Auer, Karl Zach, Georg Lettner, EEG, TU Wien (WP2 Leader)
11:00 Coffee break  
  Bulgarian strategy  
11:30 Diskussion/Presentation of regional case study  
  Basis for the study:
- Potential
- Technolgy development
- Possible policies to be applied
- Assumed development 2010-30 / 2030-50
Basis for the analysis:
- Results of the Serbian case study
Terje Gjengedal, Energy Technology Integration
Lulin Radulov, BSREC
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 REAP (Renewable Energy Action Plan) Lulin Radulov, BSREC
14:00 Plenum diskussion Terje Gjengedal, Energy Technology Integration
Hans Auer, EEG, TU Wien
  Final conclusions  
15:15 Symmary of input from the local stakeholders. Wrap-up. Michael M. Belsnes, SINTEF
Carolin Funk, dena
15:30 End of workshop  


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