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SUSPLAN Regional Kick-Off Workshop

Characteristics for Southern Europe:

  • Import dependent energy system
  • Candidate for importand gas-hub (LNG) in Europe
  • Certificate system for RES support (difference from Spain)
  • Warm climate (growing cooling demand; summer peak)
  • Deregulated electricity market

The SUSPLAN Regional Kick-Off Workshop Southern Europe took place:

Monday, 6th of April 2009, 9:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m.
CESI Auditorium, Milano


Orari Welcome and registration workshop  
9.45 Welcome to SUSPLAN project and workshop CESI RICERCA, Task leader WP2.7
  Part I – Introduction to the SUSPLAN project  
10:00 Introduction to SUSPLAN Sintef (Coordinator), Norway
10:15 Objectives of regional study and role of stakeholders, task leader to express need for cooperation, communication and data CESI RICERCA, Task leader WP2.7
10:30 Content of guidebook EEG, WP2 leader
11:00 Coffee break  
  Part II – Future of Grids, Scenarios, Strategies and Politics up to 2050  
11:30 Regulatory actions toward renewables market and network integration A. Galliani - Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas
12:00 Future challenges in the development of the Italian network E.M. Carlini - TERNA S.p.A.
12:30 Incentive schemes to generation from Renewable Energy Sources in the Italian market G. Montanino - GSE S.p.A.
13:00 Lunch  
  Part III – Decision maker interaction  
14:00 Discussion on future trends CESI RICERCA, Task leader WP2.7
15:00 Discussion on cooperation, communication and availability of data CESI RICERCA, Task leader WP2.7
16:00 Final conclusions Coordinator or WP2 leader
  End of workshop  


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