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SUSPLAN Regional Kick-Off Workshop

 Characteristics for South-Western Europe:

  • Large-scale wind generation
  • weak international connections in the electric transmission grid
  • Warm climate (growing cooling demand; summer peak)
  • Deregulated electricity market

The SUSPLAN Regional Kick-Off Workshop South-Western Europe took place:

Tuesday, 17th of March 2009, 9 a.m to 2 p.m.
Instituto de Postgrado Comillas University, Madrid


8.30 Welcome and registration workshop  
9.00 Welcome to SUSPLAN project and workshop Tomás Gómez (Comillas University)
  Part I – Introduction to the SUSPLAN project  
9.10 Introduction to SUSPLAN Sintef (coordinator)
9.40 Objectives of regional study: South-Western Region Tomás Gómez (Comillas University)
10.00 Content of guidebook Hans Auer (Vienna Univ. Technology)
10.20 Coffee break  
  Part II – Future of Grids, Scenarios, Strategies and Politics up to 2050  
10.45 Towards a sustainable energy model: policy objectives and a roadmap to follow Francisco Maciá (Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio)
11.05 Expected long term development of the electric transmission network Fernando Soto (Red Eléctrica)
11.25 Electricity generation trends to 2030 and 2050 Juan Rivier (Iberdrola Renovables)
11.45 Gas Infrastructure System: Essential integration tool for RES development Jesús Saldaña (Enagás)
12.05 Recent achievements and new developments in the South Gas Regional Initiative Raúl Yunta (Comisión Nacional de la Energía)
  Part III – Decision maker interaction  
12.25 Inputs/outputs and methodology of the regional study Pablo Frías (Comillas University)
13.00 Discussion on future trends Luis Olmos (Comillas University)
13.20 Final conclusion of the workshop Bjørn H. Bakken/ Hans Auer
  Discussion on workshop results (written down and formulated during workshop) Jakob Voelker (dena)
13.30 End of workshop  
13.45 Lunch  


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