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SUSPLAN Regional Kick-Off Workshop

Characteristics for South-Eastern Europe:

  • Centralized energy system with multiple, obsolete infrastructure
  • Poor efficiency, poor environmental performance and poor security of supply
  • Low prosperity
  • Deregulation at early stage
  • Significant RES potentials
  • Investments in modernization of energy infrastructure 

The SUSPLAN Regional Kick-Off Workshop South-Eastern Europe took place:

Wednesday, 11th of March 2009, 9 a.m to 5 p.m.
UzinExport building, Bucharest


  Welcome and registration workshop  
10.00 Welcome to SUSPLAN project and workshop ENERO
  Part I – Introduction to the SUSPLAN project  
10.15 Introduction to SUSPLAN SINTEF
10.35 Objectives of regional study and role of stakeholders Cristian Tantareanu, ENERO
11.00 Guidebook for the regional scenario studies Hans Auer, Karl Zach - Vienna University of Technology, Energy Economics Group (EEG)
11.30 Coffee break  
  Part II – Future of Grids, Scenarios, Strategies and Politics up to 2050  
11.40 Integration of Wind energy into the National Energy System. Case study - Romania Dan Pretescu - The Romanian Power Grid Company "TRANSELECTRICA"
12.05 Requirements of the National Energy System for taking power from wind parks Christina Serban, Hermina Albert - Institute for Studies and Power Engineering (ISPE)
12.25 Virtual Power Plants- A solution for diminishing the barriers for the penetration of uncontrollable resources Mihai Sanduleac - ECRO
12.45 Aspects related to the power prediction in wind farms Monica Ungureanu, Florin Ceausiu - Trapec, Corneliu Dica - C-TECH SRL
13.05 Issues on connecting wind power to the National Energy System Nicoleta Tudor, Anca Mihailescu, George Lavrov - Institute for Studies and Power Engineering (ISPE)
13.20 Buffet  
  Part III – Decision maker interaction  
14.00 Discussion on future trends, cooperation, communication and availability of data  
  Discussion on workshop results  
15.30 Final conclusions Hans Auer - EEG
  End of workshop  


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