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SUSPLAN Regional Kick-Off Workshop

Characteristics for the Central/Western Europe:

  • Dense population
  • Multiple infrastructures of electricity/ heat/ gas
  • High prosperity
  • High environmental consciousness
  • High prosperity and environmental consciousness

The SUSPLAN Regional Kick-Off Workshop Central/Western Europe took place:

Thursday, 2nd of April 2009, 9:00 to 15:30
at MVV Energie AG, Mannheim


  Welcome and registration workshop  
9.00 Welcome to SUSPLAN project and workshop Nicolai Herrmann, MVV Energie
  Part I – Introduction to the SUSPLAN project  
9.10 Introduction to SUSPLAN Ingeborg Graabak, SINTEF (Coordinator SUSPLAN)
9.20 Objectives of the regional study and role of stakeholders Luuk Beurskens, ECN, Task Leader 2.3
9.40 Coffee break  
10.00 Content of SUSPLAN project "Guidebook" Hans Auer, EEG
  Part II – Future of Grids, Scenarios, Strategies and Politics up to 2050  
  Presentation by Stakeholders on future of grids, scenarios, strategies and policies up to 2050 (from electricity, heat and gas)  
10.30 Impact of RES and especially offshore wind on the transmission networks in Germany Joern Runge, RWE-TSO
11.00 RES integration from the perspective of a multi-utility Frieder Schmitt, MVV Energie
11.30 Regional concepts for the demand and supply of RES Martin Pehnt, IFEU Heidelberg
12.00 The future of the gas infrastructure in Germany Benjamin Peschka, 24-7-Netze
12.30-13.30 Lunch  
  Part III – Decision maker interaction  
13.30 Discussion on future trends Luuk Beurskens, ECN
14.15 Discussion on cooperation, communication and availability of data Hans Auer, EEG
14.45 Coffee break  
15:15 Discussion on workshop results (written down and formulated during workshop) Chanthira Srikandam, dena
15:30 Final conclusions Ingeborg Graabak, SINTEF (Coordinator)
  End of workshop  


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