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Energy Economics Group (EEG)

The Energy Economics Group Externer Link is within the Institute of Power Systems and Energy Economics at Vienna University of Technology. The core areas of research of EEG are: (i) system integration strategies for renewable and new energy technologies, (ii) energy modelling, forecasting and analysis of energy policy strategies, (iii) competition analyses in energy markets (liberalisation vs. regulation), (iv) sustainable energy systems and climate change and (iv) global and local environmental aspects. EEG has managed and carried out many international as well as national research projects funded by the European Commission, international and national organisations and governments, public and private clients in several fields of research, in particular focusing on renewable and new energy systems. EEG employs a permanent scientific staff of 20 people. The expertise of the staff members of EEG ranges across all disciplines necessary to analyse the topics investigated in this proposed project. A selection of relevant projects is given below.


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