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University of the Highlands Islands

UHI Externer Link is an academic partnership of 13 colleges and research centres in the north of Scotland. The strategic aim of the University is to add value to existing renewable energy research for the benefit of the regional economy. UHI acts as a source of innovation and skills in the renewable energy sector.

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland have in wind, wave, tide and biomass one of the richest renewable energy resources in the world: ‘energy’ is a high-ranking UHI research priority. Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) have established the European Marine Test Centre for testing and certification of new RE marine devices on the northerly island of Orkney. UHI have in partnership with HIE developed a renewable energy strategy which will focus on the key research areas: marine (wave and tidal); wind power; hydrogen; community & microrenewables; biomass.


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