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EC BREC IEO Ltd Externer Link is an independent consultancy company, established in 2001. The company was established to link the typical research, technology and policy development activities with the current needs of renewable energy sector, including industry, private companies, investors and authorities in Poland in the field of renewable energy.

At the present moment activities of the company are being conducted in three major areas:

  • Independent think-tank: development of the knowledge, improvement of the practice and promotion of the local distributed energy generation based on RES
  • Centre of competence and technology transfer (especially to SMEs): introducing (using EU R&D programmes) innovative products improving the efficiency of RES use into the energy market
  • Consultancy services provided to public and private investors in the area of wind energy, solar energy and bioenergy.

Since 2001, EC BREC IEO Ltd has been involved into several projects and initiatives aiming to assist local authorities at preparation of local renewable resources’ inventories, identification of investment potential and their mainstreaming into local strategies, plans and programmes. The company employs experts specialised in the areas important for local development, such as spatial management and planning, energy planning and modelling, agriculture (energy crops, biofuels, biogas).


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