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Statkraft Western Balkans

The Statkraft group Externer Link is the major electricity group in Norway, and one of the leading renewable energy producers in Europe, with major strengths in the development and generation of hydropower and wind power as well as wholesale trading. Statkraft has 13 years experience in deregulated and liberalised energy markets in the Nordic region and in Continental Europe. With 2,000 employees in Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania we are a significant player in the European energy market.

Statkraft Western Balkans d.o.o. is a subsidiary of the Norwegian company Statkraft AS with business address Vladimira Popovica 6, Genex Apartment A401, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia. The main task of the office is to pursue renewable energy projects opportunities in assigned area. However, Statkraft Western Balkans is also set up to support and strengthen a position in electricity trading on a cross border level between Serbia and surrounding countries. The SEE (Balkan) region is proven to be a growth market with an increasing demand for energy. The region has a potential for further development of energy projects and calls for international participation and investments. Statkraft has more than 100 years of experience from development and operation of renewable energy projects and is prepared to support such opportunities in the market place.

Statkraft’s vision is to be a European leader in environment-friendly energy. The company concentrates on enhancing its performance within the areas of power generation and trading by further developing its existing competence and competitive advantages.

Statkraft is heavily involved in technology development and R&D projects nationally and internationally, in such areas as hydrogen production from renewable energy sources, osmotic power and marine technologies.


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