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Scenarios Setup

D1.1 Main Report and Executive Summary

The D1.1 main report and its executive summary give background information for the upcoming work within the SUSPLAN project in terms of a “state-of-the-art” description. It covers introductory work like preparation for subsequent scenario analyses to some degree. The main contents are:

  • Review of literature regarding RES production technology (status and expected development regarding maturity, costs, deployment etc.).
  • Survey of existing energy infrastructure scenario studies and plans with special emphasis on the consideration of integration of RES.
  • First description of SUSPLAN storylines as a framework for analysis of different regions.
  • Identification of EU regions and assessment of the regional energetic profile
  • First description of the SUSPLAN tool box.

Download the D1.1 Main Report (2.9 MB) PDF and D1.1 Executive Summary (620 KB) PDF.

D1.2: Scenario Guidebook: Definition of a Consistent Scenario Framework

This guidebook defines a consistent scenario framework for the regional and transnational scenario analyses in the SUSPLAN project. The major purpose of the guidebook is to provide guidance of regional case operators, decision makers and stakeholders during scenario study analyses.

Download the D1.2 Scenario Guidebook (2.9 MB) PDF.


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