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The SUSPLAN project performed an in-depth analysis of the regional characteristics of the energy systems taking into account technical, market, socio-economic, legal, policy, and environmental parameters. A special focus was set on the role of different grid infrastructures (electricity, gas, heat). The analyses were supported by quantitative computational modelling tools. All project partners were assisting in the development of the regional case studies.

Regional Kick Off Workshops

A workshop for each case study of WP2 was held with regional decision makers and stakeholders directly before starting to collect case specific data/information.

The project partner's and stakeholder contribution to the Regional Kick-Off workshops was of great value for further development of the case-studies regarding RES-infrastructures integration in the region. 

Regional Workshops on Results

After the modeling in WP2  the results were discussed with regional stakeholders before the finalization of the work package. In each of the 9 regions a Regional Results Workshop was carried out.

1st SUSPLAN Conference

After two years of project work including data analysis and modelling of energy systems the first SUSPLAN project results were presented in on 07th December 2010 in Berlin. During the conference "The future of energy infrastructure – a European challenge" delegates from involved research institutes, grid operators and the European Commission discussed solutions for regional and transnational infrastructure plans aiming for the integration of large shares of renewable energies in the European energy grids.

2nd SUSPLAN Conference

During the 2nd international conference in Brussels on October 07th the SUSPLAN results for technology deployment, system solutions and the developed decision procedure guideline for a more efficient RES integration were presented. Focuses were set on strategies for the implementation of the necessary infrastructure, technical and nontechnical barriers and the creation of acceptance for energy infrastructure projects.


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